Quartier Sportif et Communautaire (including modern sports and recreation facilities.) 

The Sport Centre, as originally conceived and proposed by the previous administration, received bids at $88-94M, far exceeding the project budget alloted by the Town.

However, the new Town Council is committed to assuring new sports facilities for the Town, including the promised indoor swimming pool.

The Council will proceed with a strategic and fiscally sound approach that meets the needs of residents and preserves the town’s precious green space. 

This is the majority priority of Council and updates to residents will be forthcoming.

Royalmount project

The current Council will not consider any rezoning of the Royalmount industrial sector to include residential development. 

However, the commercial components of Carbonleo's Royalmount project continues. Following an agreement with the Town of Mount Royal and Ville de Montréal, construction work by Carbonleo to build the pedestrian overpass from Royalmount project to De la Savane metro station is planned to start in the Summer in 2022. 

Rockland PPU

By-law 1440-1 to modify the zoning and urban density of Rockland Sector as proposed by the previous administration has expired without effect. Any change to the vision of the Rockland Sector will only be considered as part of a future thoroughly developed, integrated citizen-driven 10-20 year Urban Plan for the town.


Mayor Peter Malouf will continue to strongly advocate on behalf of residents to mitigate the impact of this project on the TMR community. See the REM page to learn more about the project and the REM’s Canora-Mount-Royal Neighbourhood Committee.