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Services Roads and Maintenance Obstruction and Occupation of Public Property

Obstruction and Occupation of Public Property

Are you planning work on your property that will require vehicles or equipment to occupy the public domain? Be sure to notify us by filling out an application for a permit to occupy or temporarily obstruct the public domain.

Instructions and precisions before completing your application:

  • Please note that the start and end times of the obstruction are applicable per day of occupancy. Also, please note that the Town is free to modify the hours of obstruction;
  • Please note that the storage of materials or containers on the public road is not permitted overnight. All materials must be removed from public property by the time indicated on your permit;
  • Please note that for a complete lane closure or more, a traffic control plan must be attached to the application;
  • The Town will not provide any traffic signs. It is your responsibility to obtain it;
  • This application for a permit of occupation is not a request for authorization to carry out your work. Please inquire at the Urbanism counter about the various permits and certificates required to proceed with your work;
  • If there is a need for a holding area for trucks, equipment, cranes or other, you must indicate this in your application as well as the location, so that it can be approved by the Town.
Please allow 10 business days to process your permit.

Please to fill in the form and submit your request:

Application for Permit to Occupy or Temporarily Obstruct Public Property


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