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Services Roads and Maintenance Traffic, Signs and Street Lighting

Traffic, Signs and Street Lighting

Well-lit traffic routes that remain exempt from hindrances ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and other users.

Occupation or Temporary Obstruction of Public Property

Are you planning work on your property that will involve occupation of public property by vehicles or machinery? Please notify us by applying for a permit to occupy or temporarily obstruct public property.

Policy for the Installation of Speed Humps on Residential Streets

Town of Mount Royal regularly receives requests to have speed humps installed midway between two intersections.

These requests typically come from residents concerned about the safety of their young children. However, kids can be found on all the Town’s residential streets and, while speed humps do help reduce the average speed of traffic on streets, they also have a number of disadvantages.

Balancing the advantages with the disadvantages, our policy sets out the conditions and procedures whereby a limited number of speed humps can be installed on the Town’s streets. You can now consult the map of existing speed bumps and raised intersections in the Town of Mount Royal, as well as those planned for 2023.

Sight Triangle

If your property is located on a street corner, you should pay special attention to the height of your flowers and shrubs located near the sidewalk.

On a corner lot, a space in the form of a triangle shall be required at the intersection of the edge of the street lines, in which all construction, work, planning or planting higher than 75cm (29½ inches) shall be prohibited to assure visibility at the crossroads. This height is measured from the average height of the adjacent sidewalk.” (By-law No. 1441 Concerning Zoning), Articles 270-271)

Street Lighting

We do our best to ensure that the streets in Town of Mount Royal are properly lit at all times. However, it is possible on occasion that a bulb needs to be replaced or that a lamppost requires some other kind of intervention on our part and that residents would be the first to notice it.

Should that be the case, please let us know by contacting Public Works (contact details below).


Info Construction Map

Stay informed about Town of Mount Royal roadworks.

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