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My Town Safety and Security Emergency Measures and CodeRED

Emergency Measures and CodeRED

Whether for a natural disaster or an industrial accident, the Town has put in place measures to deal with emergency situations that could occur in the area. We are prepared. Are you?

CodeRED – To Reach you Quickly in the Case of a Major Disaster

CodeRED is a high-speed telecommunication network that makes it possible to contact you quickly by telephone, email or text messaging in the event of a major disaster. CodeRED also meets TDD/TTY requirements for the hearing-impaired. It is used only in critical situations. The number that will appear on your display is 1 866 419-5000.

Are you already registered?

The network can contact all the telephone numbers and email addresses found in its database. If you are unsure whether yours are in the database, fill out the enrolment form to create an account. You will then be able to access the account at any time to update your information. There is also an optional CodeRED app that you can install on smartphones. The Town has also prepared an information document about CodeRED if you have further questions.

Information document about CodeRed

Frequently asked questions

Enrolment Form

All about emergency measures

The Emergency, Succession and Mission Plan

The Emergency, Succession and Mission Plan (ESMP) developed by Town of Mount Royal is a concrete means of meeting the needs of citizens in major emergencies. This tool grew out of the overall process to prioritize and optimize the safety of inhabitants and all people passing through Town territory.

The ESMP is part of the Montreal agglomeration civil protection plan. In the event of an emergency, five missions may be deployed:

  • Assistance to victims (lodging and relocation assistance, food, clothing, multi-service assistance centre, biopsychosocial services)
  • Local communications (relations with citizens, responders and the media)
  • Administrative and logistical support (assistance to the emergency operations centre, human resources management, financial management, technical and logistical support, procurement of goods and services)
  • Public works (intervention at the site of the disaster and support for the responders)
  • Public security (protection of citizens and their property through interventions in support of municipal departments).

The plan can be activated in response to any emergency situation. Its objectives are to:

  • Manage the emergency situation
  • Maintain services in the community
  • Provide support to the response teams at the site of the disaster.

Priority Levels (Risks) of the Emergency Situation

Various events could occur on Town territory or in nearby areas. Accordingly, the risks have been catalogued by priority level (from 1 to 3). See the Montreal agglomeration’s Civil Protection portal to learn more about the potential hazards and the measures planned to deal with these situations.

List of Persons with Reduced Mobility

If you are a person with reduced mobility due to your age or a disability (impaired motor skills, vision or hearing, etc.), you can request to have your name added to the Town's list of persons with reduced mobility at the Public Security department. In the event of emergency situations, the Town will be able to advise emergency services of your particular situation.

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Are You Prepared for a Major Disaster?

The Town has put in place several tools in order to be ready to act quickly and effectively in the event of a general alert. You should also be prepared to deal with this type of situation, in particular by having a family emergency plan and a 72-hour emergency kit. Get Prepared is a federal government website that provides all the information you need.


A range of resources are available to help you in precarious situations

Various assistance and community support services are available free of charge at all times.

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