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Community Support Services

The Community Support Service is available to all Town of Mount Royal residents.

Its mission is to provide a caring, pleasant, safe and confidential setting that promotes the health and well-being of our Town’s young people, adults, families and seniors.

The Community Support Service is also there to welcome, guide and assist new residents who make our beautiful garden city their home.

Lastly, Town of Mount Royal is proud to meet WHO (World Health Organization) standards as an “Age-Friendly Town.” Within this framework, it provides its seniors with a number of services to support, sustain and accompany them so they can maintain their autonomy and sense of belonging to the community.

Services for All Residents

Psychosocial consultations and interventions

To deal with some situations, such as behavioral problems in young people, bereavement, paralyzing anxiety, inter-family conflicts or any other situation that has an impact on your ability to function properly, your social counselor offers short-term counseling to explore possible solutions, then assists you in implementing an intervention plan to help you regain your daily balance.

Connection with other social and government services

The social advisor ensures that all vulnerable residents have an active file with government authorities. She also assists residents in their efforts, providing support, guidance and referral to the resources best suited to their needs. 

Several other local resources, independent of the services offered by the Town, complement the Community Support Service.

Support for caregivers

To prevent caregiver burnout, the social advisor supports and accompanies you in a caring way, listening to your needs and providing you with resources and tools to help ease your responsibilities.

Homemaker care

The homemaker car services offered by our homecare attendants are designed to complement government social services. Carried out by our experienced and dedicated attendants, these services facilitate the daily lives of vulnerable people and ensure a good quality of life at home.

Daily hello

The daily telephone service is aimed at seniors and people in vulnerable or isolated situations. It allows them to remain socialized, and to be monitored on a daily basis so action can be taken quickly in the event of an emergency.

Meals on wheels

Offered two days a week for a modest fee, Meals on Wheels is designed for residents who are convalescing or are no longer able to prepare meals due to reduced autonomy.

Accompaniment to medical appointments

In collaboration with the Volunteer Center, transportation to medical appointments is provided by trained volunteers at a modest cost.

Friendly visit program

This program is aimed at residents aged 18 and over who live alone or are caring for a child or senior in a vulnerable situation. In collaboration with other organizations in the Town, the aim of the visits is to offer a space for meeting and exchange in a spirit of caring and respect.

How to Access Our Services

To access Community Assistance services, the social counsellor will first need to carry out an assessment of your needs. From Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 16:30, she is available to all residents seeking services or information.

For more information, contact

Various Assistance Services

In difficult situations, resources exist!

Poisoning, spousal violence, alcohol abuse, psychological distress: easily accessible emergency services can provide welcome support in unfortunate situations. Professionals will be able to answer your questions and guide you toward the best available solutions.


Telephone : 9-1-1


CLSC Côte-des-Neiges

Telephone : 514 731-8531



Telephone : 8-1-1


Poste de police de quartier 26 (PDQ 26) 


Telephone : 514 280-0126 

Site Web

Alcoholics Anonymous

Telephone : 514 376-9230


Quebec Poison Control Centre

Telephone : 1 800 463-5060


Emergency prescriptions filled (9:00 to 23:00)   

Telephone : 514 527-8827

Youth Protection and Emergency Social Services

Telephone : 514 896-3100


Alzheimer Society of Montreal

Telephone : 514 369-0800



Telephone : 514 935-1101


S.O.S Spousal Violence

Telephone : 514 873-9010


Bouclier d'Athéna Family Services 

Telephone : 514 873-9010

Site Web

Dental Emergency 


Telephone : 514 937-6011


Telephone : 514 934-4400

Senior Abuse Hotline

Telephone : 514 842-9373 or 1 888 489-2287


Seniors Referral Line

Telephone : 211


Offices des personnes handicapés du Québec

Telephone : 514 873-3905



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