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Is your home without power? Do you have questions about your school taxes? 

Here’s where to turn to deal with issues that residents mistakenly contact the Town about from time to time.

Internet, Television, Telephone

Internet, telephone and cable systems are managed by private companies. If you experience an outage or other problems with your devices, look on the monthly bill from your supplier or on your service agreement for how to contact the supplier’s customer service.


Unlike water, electrical power is neither distributed nor managed by Town of Mount Royal. We have no rights regarding or control over the distribution system, power lines, power outages or billing. For information requests or comments, you should contact Hydro-Québec directly.

Natural Gaz

In the event of a problem, the Town is not authorized to take any action whatsoever, nor can it provide you with information or intervene on your behalf. The natural gas distribution system is entirely the responsibility of Énergir (previously Gaz Métro).

School Taxes

School taxes are not collected by the Town and cannot be paid through it. For information, please contact the Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l'îles de Montréal.

School Elections

School elections are not a municipal responsibility. For more information, contact Élections Québec.