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My Town Administration and Finances Town Manager's Office & Municipal Departments

Town Manager's Office & Municipal Departments

The Town has seven departments, some of which have one or more divisions. They all report to the Town Manager’s Office.

The many different types of documents produced by our municipal departments are accessible via our search engine: by-laws, calls for tenders, public notices, financial reports, news releases and more can be found.

Town Manager's Office

The Town Manager’s Office provides support to Town Council in managing the Town’s affairs. The office is responsible for implementing Council’s decisions and achieving its policy objectives.

As a result, while working to maintain smooth relations between Council and municipal managers, the Town Manager’s Office also:

  • plans, organizes, directs, manages and coordinates all services provided by the Town;
  • provides information for decisions on major strategic files, including budget planning;
  • drafts and submits various reports and recommendations to Council for implementing measures related to efficient and cost-effective management and promoting the Town’s advancement and the well-being of residents and local businesses;
  • represents the Town’s interests to higher authorities and levels of government.

Unlike the other municipal divisions, which report to a department head, the Urban Planning and Development Division reports to the Town Manager. Issues related to construction, renovation and demolition are thus dealt with directly by the garden city’s highest authorities, fittingly enough in view of the importance attached to protecting the Town’s built heritage.

Public Affairs and Clerk’s Office

This department acts as the general secretariat for Town Council. It drafts and translates by-laws, resolutions, public notices and minutes of meetings. It oversees the consultation and referendum processes as well as the holding of elections and by-elections. It ensures the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information is applied and it manages property and liability insurance claims. A oath-taking service provided by Town commissioners for oaths is also offered to Town of Mount Royal residents.

As of Friday, September 22 2023, the Town of Mount Royal will introduce a new governance policy regarding the protection of personal information. This step is in line with the coming into force of Bill 25, which requires all public entities to comply with updated confidentiality standards. We also invite you to read the privacy policy carefully and refer to it regularly for any changes that may be made.

The department is also responsible for the archives of our garden city. You can view our document classification plan(French only), which includes the key to the retention period codes used for our archives.

Division: Communications

Reporting to the Public Affairs and Clerk’s Office Department, our Communications Division is responsible for media relations, including our news releases, as well as our online tools, our Info TMR magazine and various other documents for the general public. Recognized community organizations and public or private organizations that partner with the Town can now post – free of charge – information about activities of a cultural or community nature in the Local Events space on the two Morris columns located in Town centre.

Urban Planning and Development

In view of the importance attached to protecting the Town’s built heritage and sustaining its distinctive character, issues related to construction, renovation and demolition are considered of the utmost importance. The same department is also mandated to encourage and support the implementation and expansion of businesses on our territory and, generally speaking, the successful realization of business projects.

Recreation, Culture and Community Activities

Well known to the garden city’s residents, this department has many different audiences. It coordinates a range of sports, cultural and social activities, manages use of the Town’s recreational facilities and organizes one-time and occasional events that you should find listed in the calendar. It also supports the sound running of recognized community groups and the well-being of our more vulnerable residents. You can refer to the list of employees.

Division : Library

The Reginald J. P. Dawson Library is a member of the Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec (Quebec public library association). Renovated and expanded in 2013, it offers users a well-lit, friendly and functional environment, all while facilitating online access.

Division: Sports and Recreation

From soccer to ice skating, not to mention swimming and our seniors’ programming, a wide range of activities are offered to Townies all year long. See our Brochure and learn about our activities and our recreational facilities.

Division: Cultural Activities and Community Support

Shows, exhibits and other events that bring people together are a regular source of joy for Townies big and small. For our entertainment activities, take a look at our calendar. To obtain assistance for members of vulnerable groups, see our Community Support Services and other resources page.

Human Resources

The role of this department is to assist and provide expertise to other Town departments in labour relations, staffing, human resources development, compensation, employee benefits and occupational health and safety.

Our job postings are listed on the home page and our Employment page.

Living with a disability? Have a look at our action plan(French only) and list of reserved parking spaces.

Public Security

Complementing the essential services provided by the agglomeration, such as the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), the Town’s own Public Security Department helps maintain the quality of life and safety in the garden city by providing a visible, reassuring and effective presence. It also ensures compliance with Town by-laws and actively promotes crime prevention and road safety.

Be sure to visit our section, where you can learn how to take advantage of our home watch service. Follow the Public Security on X !

Technical Services

All types of collections, traffic controls, work on roads, water mains and sewers, snow removal, maintenance of public green spaces and buildings: this department is responsible for several aspects that are fundamental to the quality of life in our garden city.

While not exhaustive, much information relating to Technical Services will be found in our Environment section and Roads and sidewalks page.

Division: Engineering

Engineering deals mostly with collections/pick-ups and planned work involving public spaces and municipal systems (sewers, water mains, street lighting, signage, etc.).

Division: Public Works

Public Works deals mostly with the regular maintenance of the Town’s infrastructures, green spaces, urban forest and buildings.

Treasurer’s Office and Material Resources

Supporting Town Council and the other municipal departments, the Treasurer’s Office and Material Resources provides expertise in the areas of accounting, finance, taxation, the budget process, information technology (IT) and procurement.

All our financial documents (budgets, financial statements, etc.) and calls for tenders can be found online via our search engine. You should also visit our Taxation, Property Assessment and Calls for Tenders and Contracts pages. For information about metered water consumption billing, go to our Potable Water and Wastewater page.

Division: Financial Resources

This division encompasses all functions related to investment, budgeting, financing, banking and financial control. It also provides necessary expertise and support in the areas of accounts payable, billing, accounts receivable, accounting and payroll.

Division: Material Resources

This division ensures the Town has access to the supplies, goods, equipment and general services required to deliver quality services to residents at the best possible price and under the best possible terms and conditions while complying with the laws, regulations and policies currently in effect.

Division: It Resources

This division provides to the Town the computer hardware and information technology expertise and support it requires in order to carry out its functions. However, it should be noted that managing the garden city’s online tools is the responsibility of the Communications Division of the Public Affairs and Clerk’s Office Department.