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Energy Consumption

Simple actions taken every day can reduce your energy costs and help preserve the environment. Learn about them!

Geothermal projects? Let us know.

Are you thinking about switching to clean, renewable geothermal energy for your home? As a number of major water mains run under the Town, you must first check that your home’s location does not pose a problem. Contact our Urban Planning and Inspection Division at 514 734-3042 before undertaking any deep excavation work on your property.

Reducing your energy consumption is easy!

A few simple actions will enable you to reduce energy losses and better protect our valuable resources:

In winter, seal your windows

Install adequate weather stripping around doors. This will help you save on heating and lower your energy consumption.

Improve your home’s insulation

Proper insulation of the attic and basement can cut your heating bill by up to 30%. Look into the Rénoclimat program, which provides personalized advice on improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Lower the room temperature

When you go to bed or leave, lowering the thermostat by three degrees will provide optimum savings.

Leave the curtains open

Open them during winter days and be sure to close them at night. It’s easy to do and will let you save nearly 5%.

Choose Energy Star certification

Shopping for a new electrical appliance? Be sure to choose one that meets the Energy Star “Most Efficient” requirements.

Turn off your dishwasher for the drying cycle

Just open the door and let the dishes air-dry.

Light your home with more efficient bulbs

LEDs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and halogen bulbs: several options are available for replacing your energy-hungry incandescent bulbs. You’ll save up to $30 a year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly a ton.

Bath or shower – which is better?

Filling a 200 litre bathtub to half capacity requires 50% more hot water than a seven-minute shower at a flow of 9.5 litres a minute, so showers are clearly the better option. To save even more, install a low-flow showerhead.


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