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Always highly popular, the annual Townies of Note merit awards are back for a fourth year. Celebrating citizen engagement and community spirit, the initiative spotlights the dedication of deserving Townies, the idea being to inspire others.

In 2018, six trophies in five recognition categories were awarded. The honourees were:

  • Jacques Goldstyn for his body of literary and artistic work, and for inspiring thousands of young scientists across Quebec. 
  • Claudie Vigneault for her commitment as Chair of the Association des parents de Mont-Royal (APMR), and for her valuable contributions to the community organization, notably related to its 45th anniversary celebrations
  • Claudia Di Iorio for turning her car accident into a source of motivation, as well as for her involvement in various organizations such as Cool Taxi and the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).
  • Nathalie Tremblay for the creation of her business, Marmott Énergies, and for her innovative involvement in the energy sector. 
  • Ed Pascal and Mark Pascal for the success of their family business, Kombi, whose sales of specialized winter sports products have grown significantly over the last few years.
  • Ava Couch, the first woman to be appointed Town Manager, for her contributions to the Town over the past 35 years and for her knowledge of the Townie community and its challenges.

Who will be the 2019 Townies of Note?

New honourees will be recognized this year for their individual or group involvement in one of the following categories:

Achievement merit award

Person (athlete, artist, scientist, politician, business person, etc.) who has distinguished him/herself in his/her field and raised Town of Mount Royal’s profile outside the Town.

Community Development merit award

Person who has made a significant contribution to community development in the Town.

Economic Development merit award

Person who has made a significant contribution to the Town’s economic development.

Emerging Generation merit award

Young person (age 17 to 24) who has distinguished him/herself locally.


Nominations must be submitted on paper at Town Hall, located at 90 Roosevelt Avenue, by Wednesday, July 24, 2019. To be considered, the nomination must be submitted by a person other than the nominee and have five supporting signatures. No posthumous nominations. The application form must be filled out for an application to be considered: a handful of press clippings or a résumé are not enough. All nominations will be studied by the selection committee.

For more information, consult the general information document, then fill out the nomination form. The gala will be held in Fall 2019.