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The nice summer days have finally arrived and we now jump into the pool, more and more! We cool off, enjoy the sun and relax. But in order for everything to go well for all swimmers, the Town of Mount Royal is launching its "Jump right in" campaign to remind 5 smart habits to adopt at the municipal pool: 

  1. wear a swimsuit
    in TMR, we always look sharp and dress appropriately
  2. share the beach umbrellas and deckchairs
    you step away, you give it up
  3. stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun
    after all, you want to enjoy every day of the summer!
  4. shower before entering the pool
    clear, clean water is so much nicer
  5. be courteous
    relax, laugh, have fun!


Notice to all swimmers who will be visiting Mount Royal's outdoor pool: a contest will be held from July 20 to August 2, 2019. You could win your swimmer's kit that contains swimming goggles, a bathing cap, a towel, a swimming board and a pull-buoy if you adopt these 5 good habits! Ask for details on site!