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TMR residents recently received stickers printed with « Household waste » on them, so as to help with the refuse collection. The stickers are destined for traditional trashcans and rolling bins. If you use plastic bags to dispose of your household waste, you don’t need them.

Stickers provided free of charge, but not bins

If you need to purchase a container for your household waste, the Town strongly recommends a black or grey rolling bin, thereby compatible with the mechanical collection. Please note that the Town does not provide garbage bins.

Household waste – or “refuse” – represents the ultimate waste, on its way to its final destination. It cannot be placed in the blue recycling bin (paper/cardboard, glass, plastic, metal), or in the green or brown bin used for the yard waste/organic waste collection.

Examples of household waste

Non-recyclable items and materials include chip bags, diapers, cat litter, sweeper bags, cork, broken porcelain and dishes, boots, shoes or old clothes, number 6 plastic / Styrofoam, cleaning wipes, toothpaste tubes, ear picks and more.

Learn more

Visit our Waste and recycling page or download our Household Waste Disposal Guide.

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