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In order to accommodate the current distancing directives and avoid gatherings, Town Council is exceptionally asking interested residents to express their views in writing by August 20 – instead of in person - regarding the request for a minor variance at 25 Franklin Avenue. The request has to do with the right lateral setback of the building.


In accordance with Order number 2020-49 issued by the Government of Québec on July 4, 2020, any interested party may express themselves during a written consultation on the request for a minor variance concerning the right lateral setback of the immovable located at 25, Franklin Avenue. The 15-day written consultation was advertised on August 5 by way of public notice.

The object of this application is to legalize, in accordance with the Minor Variance By-law No. 1312, the right side setback at 1.84 m for the existing building, encroaching by 0.14 m on the 1.98 m minimum setback required at time of construction in 1954.

It should be noted that the current Zoning By-law N°1441 provides for minimum lateral setbacks of 2.3 m in zone H-541-B, bringing the encroachment to 0.46 m

The present request is necessary due to the 0.14 m encroachment at the time of construction and the approval of this application would legalize the non-conforming right side setback but cannot apply to any future additions.


Ill. 1 - 25 Franklin Avenue : front view.


Ill. 2 - 25 Franklin Avenue : top view.