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The Green Line service is back! Until the end of the season, call or make an appointment with the Town's Lawn Inspector to get advice and answers to your lawn questions.

The Green Line can help you by :

  • providing ecological advice over the telephone
  • answering your questions about pesticide use
  • visiting your property to observe problems and recommend solutions
  • performing follow-up visits
  • suggesting horticultural tips.


The information kiosks are also back. You will be able to find a display of earth-friendly gardening products as well as all the latest horticultural news. You will also be able to ask your questions about ecological pest management, gardening and lawn care.

Some brochures to consult for a healthy lawn:

How to plant tulip bulbs?

Invasive alien species

Growing a thick, green lawn, it's easy!

Prepare your property for winter

How to identify chinch bugs?

Ragweed - How to reduce its presence?

Green Line

Technical Coordinator - Environment

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