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Mount Royal, November 6, 2018 – In the coming months, Town of Mount Royal will safely guy and preventively prune more than 700 trees on public land. Made necessary by the advanced age ot many of the garden city’s trees, the work will help extend the lives of the targeted trees by at least five years, which will surely delight Townies, who demonstrate their attachment to the Town’s urban forest every day.

The tree preservation measures come in response a Town-commissioned study on the health of the urban forest. Authored by members of the Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec, the study also notes the precariousness of a number of trees in declining health on public land. These trees risk falling down, can no longer be made safe for passers-by and nearby property and are therefore in urgent need of being cut down.

Despite the priority placed on preserving the urban forest, the Public Works Division, which is responsible for municipal trees in street rights-of-way, has no choice but to fell around 135 trees that present a safety risk. The work will begin this fall, with replacement trees slated for planting next year. The trees that will be cut for safety reasons in the coming weeks are mainly located along Cornwall, Surrey and Thornton on the east side of Town and Graham, Glengarry and Berwick on the west.

This cutting, which wasn’t planned but also isn’t unexpected (due to the advanced age of the urban forest), will be added to the list of more than 200 weakened trees identified for replacement in inspections carried out last spring.

Next year, new tree species will be planted to encourage greater biodiversity and help reduce the risks related to infestation by invasive non-native species, such as has recently been experienced with the emerald ash borer and Dutch elm disease. It should be noted that Town of Mount Royal’s urban forest on public land comprises more than 10,000 trees, 60% of which are maples.

In accordance with its Tree Policy, the Town is committed to devoting, in the coming months and years, the resources necessary to protect and renew the tree cover that contributes so much to Townies’ quality of life and is a constant source of pride.

Catherine Morel

Horticultural and arboricultural technician 

180 Clyde Road

Mount Royal H3P 3J9