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Many public libraries around the globe have eliminated late fees in recent years. These days, technology makes it easier to track members’ records and ensure borrowed documents are returned in a timely manner.

Effective immediately, the Reginald J. P. Dawson Library is joining the trend and permanently eliminating late return fees for borrowed items.

Eliminating late fees does not mean eliminating return-by dates. Borrowed items must still be returned, of course, and a penalty will be charged for never-returned items.

Other recent news from the library

Earlier this spring, the library invited TMR residents who are not yet members to register online: forms.gle/2Y8Nq8xixwvcGU5MA. It is advantageous to be a member right now in order to be able to borrow digital books at reginald-jp-dawson.pretnumerique.ca.

It also introduced a new support network for library user questions from all across Québec – www.infobiblio.ca – which can be helpful for users not yet familiar with borrowing e-books.

Lastly, it invited families to discover the Heureduconte.ca platform, which brings together virtual and audio storytimes from public libraries across the whole province.

Denis Chouinard

Division Head - Library

1967 Graham Boulevard

Mount Royal H3R 1G9