To mitigate the impacts of construction work spread over a two-year period, the Town of Mount Royal managed to delay the demolition and reconstruction of Cornwall Bridge, originally scheduled for January 2020, to April 2020, following negotiations with CDPQ Infra. Moreover, CDPQ Infra has agreed to open the Lazard Ave.–Jasper Ave. level crossing for emergency vehicles when needed. Lastly, a temporary elevated pedestrian walkway will be installed between Lazard Ave. and Jasper Ave. Once the infrastructure in the town centre and the new public space are complete, this walkway will likely no longer be needed.
The Town’s active and ongoing dialogue with CDPQ Infra also enabled the space over the railway between the Cornwall and Laird bridges in the town centre to be covered where a new public square will be developed
Let’s remember that the Town had originally asked CDPQ Infra to completely cover the tracks located in Mount Royal to create new green spaces.