Our garden city has implemented a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (commonly referred to by its French acronym, PIIA) in 2003. It ensures the preservation and development of quality architecture and landscaping in harmony with the Town’s built heritage in all areas where housing is allowed. By laying down clear and simple guidelines, the PIIA makes life easier for citizens who plan to carry out work that will change their property’s appearance.

Learn more through a folder, a map and By-law No. 1449, all linked to this page as relevant documents.

Preservation and development of the built heritage

Mount Royal is the only town in Quebec to have been developed entirely according to an urban development plan that was inspired by the Garden City Movement and built around a railway project. The Town of Mount Royal is today recognized for its beauty and the quality of its buildings and urban environment.

A healthy balance between conservation and progress

To protect and enhance our heritage, eight distinct styles of homes, grouped according to the three development phases of Mount Royal’s urban fabric, have been identified. The PIIA is designed to guide owners and the professionals they hire in choosing the materials to be used when, for example, renovating a home, and to suggest solutions that are adapted to the architectural movement and urban context applicable to the building.

Real benefits for residents

A building that speaks the architectural language of its neighbourhood and is renovated in compliance with good practice retains a higher value than a building that its stripped of its original features. It also adds value to the surrounding environment. Moreover, knowing in advance the reference criteria used to analyze projects will help owners prepare their applications and facilitate their discussions with the Planning Advisory Committee (CCU).