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Starting February 6, the Ville de Montréal will be replacing a valve chamber located under the Rockland overpass. The work will span over a period of two weeks.  

Nature of the work

The replacement of the valve chamber will ensure the reliability of drinking water distribution equipment.

Access to drinking water will be maintained during the work.  

Projected schedule

  • Starting February 6, for about two weeks;
  • Monday to Friday, from 7:00 to 17:00;
  • Possibility of work being carried out overnight or during the weekend, as required.


Complete closure of the U-turn under the Rockland overpass, starting at Beaumont Avenue.

The access ways to commercial parking lots in the area and alternate routes will be indicated.


  • Parking under the overpass: the parking lot will no longer be available.
  • Access to buildings: pedestrian access to buildings located near the worksite will be maintained.
  • Reduced mobility: dial 514 872-3777 (Info-Travaux).
  • Noise and vibrations: there may be noise and vibrations in the vicinity of the worksite.
  • Public transportation: service is maintained. STM-INFO: 514 786-4636 or stm.info.

Information from the Ville de Montréal

Info-travaux hotline: 514 872-3777, 8:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday


Public Security (24/7)


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