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Construction of REM stations Canora and Mont-Royal

"Work to enclose the buildings will continue through the winter, as some of the future stations' distinctive architectural elements, such as the glass walls and wood ceilings, are brought to life."

Read it from the source: https://rem.info/en/works-info/construction-stations-canora-mont-royal

Cornwall bridge reconstruction and dalle park construction

"The closure of the Deux-Montagnes line as of May 11th, 2020 presents a unique opportunity to access the rail line in order to demolish and rebuild the Cornwall bridge to current standards. NouvLR will also proceed with the construction of a dalle park, an infrastructure that will link the Graham/Laird and Cornwall road bridges and on which the Town of Mount Royal will then build a public square to facilitate access on both sides of the railway line."

Read it from the source: https://rem.info/en/info-travaux/reconstruction-pont-cornwall