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Note: Work will be interrupted on January 15, 2021, only to resume in the spring when favourable weather conditions return.

The Town of Mount Royal, through the Capital Sewer Service Inc. company, will be carrying out the rehabilitation of sewers at various locations as of November 30, 2020, and for part of the winter, weather permitting. From one location to the next, the work will last over a few days.

There is a strong smell in the house, is this normal? Can it be harmful to my health?

An odour is normal; it is not harmful to your health. Make sure to pour water in your drain (located on your basement floor, for example) before the start of the rehabilitation work, a maximum of 12 hours before the work begins. A downloadable map (below) shows where the contractor will be next, according to the date. The approximate amount to pour is 1 litre. You can also open the windows for ventilation. Don't hesitate to have a look at our Q&A section at the bottom of this news.

If in doubt, send an email with your full contact information to hala.gebrine@town.mount-royal.qc.ca. The Town may ask the contractor to visit you and check that everything is in order.

Work sequence

The work will take place in two phases, remaining careful to avoid the holiday season:

  • Phase 1: Preparatory work, from November 30 to December 11, 2020.
  • Phase 2: Rehabilitation work, from December 11 to 17, 2020 (phase 2A) and from January 5 to 15, 2021 (phase 2B). Due to weather conditions, work will continue thereafter in the spring (Phase 2C).

The work will be done without excavation. A liner will be inserted into the sewer from the existing manholes.

In order to install the liner, some houses' connection to the municipal sewer service will have be temporarily sealed for a few hours. During this period, it will be essential to avoid discharging water into the sewers (for example, by flushing toilets) to reduce the risk of backflow. A door sign will be distributed by the contractor 48 hours previous the work scheduled to confirm the date, time and exact duration of the interruption.

Work progress map

Keep abreast with our PDF map, which will be updated regularly to let you follow the rinsing progress.


How do I know if the work is finished?

You must refer to the hours indicated on the note you received or you can consult the work progress map.

Do I have to close my business or my office during the work?

No, it is not necessary to close your business or office during the work.

However, it is important to plan your activities so that you do not have to use the sewers.

Can I drink tap water?

Yes, you can drink tap water.

Can I use the toilet?

Yes, but please do not flush. You run the risk of having sewer backflow.

Can I take a shower or a bath?

No, you cannot take a bath or a shower. You run the risk of having sewer backflow.

If you absolutely must take one, keep the water in the bath or shower (if possible) with a plug.

Can I wash my dishes or use my dishwasher?

You cannot use your dishwasher, but you can wash your dishes in the sink.

Important: do not drain the dishwater afterwards, so please put a plug in the sink.

Can I do my laundry?

No, you cannot do your laundry. You run the risk of having sewer backflow.

What are the hours when water drainage is prohibited?

The work will take place from 7:30 to 18:00.

The work will take place on the day indicated on the door hanger that you received, in theory, the day before.

Will the water supply be interrupted?

No, drinking water will still be available, unless otherwise specified.

Why doesn't my neighbor have the same day's work as me on his door hanger?

The rehabilitation is carried out by section, from manhole to manhole. It is possible that the work on your neighbor's sewer will be done on another day, in a manhole to manhole section that is different from yours. You must follow the instructions on the door hanger that you have received at your residence.

There is a strong smell in the house, is this normal?

Yes, make sure to put water in your drain (basement floor, for example). The water must be poured into the drains, before the start of the rehabilitation work, a maximum of 12 hours before the start of the work.

The approximate amount that should be poured is 1 liter. You can also open the windows for ventilation.

Hala Gébrine

Project engineer

40 Roosevelt Avenue

H3R 1Z4