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The brown marmorated stink bug is a harmful insect that attacks several different fruit, vegetable, garden, and ornamental plant species (catalpa, maple, elm, lilac, hibiscus, etc.). This exotic species was discovered in North America in 2001. Its presence in Montreal was recently confirmed in the fall of 2016. Beyond its harmful impacts on plants, this insect has the nasty habit that it enters heated buildings during the fall to seek warmth during the winter.

To accurately address Quebec’s brown marmorated stink bug invasion and to better predict both its extent and its consequences, the Town of Mount Royal is carrying out a screening program. To this end, a trap will be set up in the Wicksteed Commemorative Park and emptied weekly to study the specimens until the end of October.

The results of the screening project conducted by the Bureau de la Transition Écologique et de la Résilience (Ecological Transition and Resilience Office) of the City of Montreal will help us better understand the insect before its environmental presence increases and becomes problematic for our citizens.

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