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On Thursday, June 13, at around 18:00, Town of Mount Royal will carry out a test call using the CodeRED emergency telephone messaging system. When the test is run, the number 1 866 419-5000 will appear on your call display. We recommend saving this number in your contacts as TMR alert. This will help ensure that, in the event of an actual alert, you know the call should be taken.

The test will allow us to check the telephone numbers in the CodeRED database and to familiarize residents with the system’s operation. The Town has added to the CodeRED system both an initial list of residential telephone numbers and all contact information since provided by citizens for use in emergency situations. That said, no one should assume their information is already in the system.

Please make sure your information is in the system by filling out the form online or in person at Town Hall (90 Roosevelt Avenue). Registration is free and the privacy of all personal information is protected.

A free CodeRED Mobile Alert smartphone app can also be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

How the test call will work

The CodeRED automated calling system will attempt to reach all the numbers in its database. If there is no response or voice mail at the number called, the system will try to call back twice. The person who answers the call needs to reply with a greeting for the system to recognize that it has reached an actual person. Otherwise, CodeRED will hang up and make two more attempts. If the call is directed to voice mail, a message will be left.

Also, you can call 1 866 419-5000 at any time to hear the message that was sent.

A system for emergency situations only

The high-speed CodeRED telecommunications system will be used only to notify residents during general alerts. Its use is reserved for critical situations, such as a major accidents and natural disasters. Messages that are important but not related to an emergency will be disseminated through our regular communication channels. The CodeRED tool is in addition to the other procedures specified in the Town’s emergency preparedness plan and aims to increase efficiency in emergency situations.

The Town has prepared an information document about CodeRED.

More information: 514 734-2986