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Town of Mount Royal, November 4, 2019 – In response to changes in how drivers cross its territory, Town of Mount Royal is putting in place new traffic calming measures to reduce the speed of vehicles travelling on its residential streets.

It appears that recent technological advances, including the growing use of smartphones, are changing traffic patterns in Mount Royal. The increased availability of navigation apps and real-time traffic data means that drivers who formerly would not venture into the Town’s maze of side streets now do so regularly. To discourage this kind of traffic and reduce its speed, the Town’s response plan calls for four-season speed bumps to be installed at various strategic locations. The installation process began last weekend and will be gradually expanded. Consult the map.

Until now, the Town has relied on temporary speed humps installed in the spring and removed in the fall. However, for the first time, ten permanent speed bumps are to be installed on road corridors particularly affected by the recent rise in traffic on both sides (east and west) of the Town. Beginning this fall, the installation work may not be completed until the return of clement weather in the spring.

As for the areas of the Town affected, Mount Royal has recently noted a significant increase in traffic on Dieppe, Caledonia and Saint-Clare streets, as drivers seek a shortcut between Jean-Talon Street and Graham Boulevard. However, several other areas of the garden city face similar issues. The response plan focuses on all problem areas.

The traffic calming measures that began to be installed last weekend will be even more welcome when work to replace the Cornwall Bridge begins in April of next year.

Alain Côté

Division Head - Public Affairs

90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5