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Mount Royal, June 15, 2016 – Recreation Centre Park, the Town’s largest green space, today changed its name to Danyluk Park. Mayor Philippe Roy and the councillors led a public celebration of the new designation with members of the family of the late Vera Danyluk in attendance. The park comprises several playing fields and is among the most popular in Mount Royal.

A renowned politician at the regional level due to her stint as head of the Montreal Urban Community (MUC), Vera Danyluk was also a four-term mayor of Mount Royal. Her death in 2010 elicited universal, heartfelt praise for the charismatic figure who was invariably described as a great lady and under whose aegis the Town had been reconstituted in 2006.

Unveiled in Connaught Park in 2011, the sculpture Man and his Community was already dedicated to Mrs. Danyluk’s memory, a fitting gesture for a big-hearted woman who, after espousing various causes throughout her life, became interested in promoting public art toward the end of her political career. However, the Roy administration felt the late mayor deserved a more prominent place in Mount Royal’s landscape, and toponymy provided the ways and means.

“The entire community has been marked by this woman,” says mayor Philippe Roy. “Mrs. Danyluk was an exceptional person. She had rare talent and a special presence. This park is our largest green space, it is a place where all Townies gather and it is in her honour that we have named it. This being the first year in which the Town will spotlight the qualities of its Townie of Note recipients, we wanted to start by paying tribute to one of the brightest stars in our firmament and naming this park after her.”

Alongside the many other various street and park names that refer to Mount Royal origins, including its early builders, Danyluk Park adds a contemporary touch to the place names of a town whose history continues to be written.

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