The Exhibition Hall and the Art Wall are in keeping with the library’s cultural mission. Monthly exhibits give local artists a chance to become better known by the general public.

Mount Royal artists can apply online to display their work on the art wall, in the exhibition hall, and in the glass cabinet of the library. Certain selection criteria and conditions apply.  It should be noted that the average waiting period for an exhibit space is approximately three years.

Under the spotlight

In the Exhibition Hall, from December 6 to January 8: participants in Jocelyne Lambert's art classes

The diversity of styles, techniques and colours mirrors the personality of each student who comes to explore art at Town of Mount Royal’s Recreation Centre.

On the Art Wall, over the same period: “Young Artists!”, participants in Vladimir Midvichi's art classes

The participants used drawing, painting and printing techniques and worked with graphite, acrylic, different pastels, watercolors and crayons to create their works. The courses are offered to children from 5 to 15 years old.

In the glass display, over the same period: Virginia and Gilles St-Cyr's mangers