The Exhibition Hall and the Art Wall are in keeping with the library’s cultural mission. Monthly exhibits give local artists a chance to become better known by the general public.

Artists who would like to exhibit their work at the library are encouraged to submit an application. It should be noted that the waiting period for an exhibit space is usually 24 months.

Under the spotlight

In the Exhibition Hall, until May 1: The Students of Céline Bélec's Pastel Workshop (Recreation Centre)

Welcome to all!

On the Art Wall, until May 22: Isabelle Tanguay

Glass, Reflection exhibition

“Nearly four years have passed since my first exhibition at the library, Back to the Wall. As in 2015, my objective is observation. More specifically, observation of glass and the effect of light on it. While reflection is obviously important, refraction and distortion are also often found in the same work.”

“I try to express all these phenomena with my preferred medium, dry pastel.”

“If you are interested in any of my works, you can contact me by email me at”

- Isabelle Tanguay

In the glass display case, until May 22: Jean-Nicolas Baillargeon

“Having begun drawing at a very early age, I’ve never stopped. The medium doesn’t really matter: blank sheets, the margins of course notes and sometimes even on my exams. Until last fall, all my learning was done solo. I was very observant. I copied characters like the Transformers or created pirates and knights. But even if I was learning a lot on my own, that didn’t stop me from attending drawing classes at the Mount Royal library as well as comic book courses to learn more about how they’re done.”

“At the time, I was strongly influenced by the Les Légendaires series, by its manga-like style. Large, expressive eyes, sharp noses and hair of every colour: it was a world that intrigued me. So I started exploring Japanese comic books and wasn’t disappointed. Awed by the retranscribing of emotions in Tokyo Ghoul, by the visual details in Kentaro Mura’s work and by the way Kouiti Shimaboshi catches movement in ink, I threw myself into a quest to create my own esthetic marvel. Even today, I continue studying and practising perspective, movement and deformation.”

“Here are a few examples of characters created by my hand during this quest, which is far from over. All the characters were created when I was between 14 and 18 years old.”

- Jean-Nicolas Baillargeon, Visual arts student, Cégep de St-Laurent

Selection criteria

  • The artist must reside in Mount Royal.
  • Although the works are not submitted to a selection committee, they should at least be of a semi-professional calibre.
  • The exhibition dates are assigned on a first come, first served basis. However, priority may be given to artists that have never exhibited at the library.
  • There are no restrictions on the types of media that artists may use.
  • The subject of the exhibited works must be appropriate for a public space that is frequented by youngsters.
  • The works must be framed or have a hook or other device that allows them to be securely hung.

Terms and conditions

  • The artist has free use of the Exhibition Hall or the Art Wall for about four weeks. A glass display case is also available.
  • The wall in the Exhibition Hall is white and measures approximately 7.2 m long and 2.7 m high. The Art Wall is located in the heart of the library and consists of a brick wall approximately 6.6 m long and 2.7 m high. The display case located in the library’s foyer measures approximately 1.95 m x 1.2 m x 40 cm.
  • Exhibitors have complete freedom regarding how their exhibition space is used. Artist’s sketchbooks, the artist’s biography, business cards, etc. may be included with the exhibit.
  • The works are generally hung on a Friday morning by library staff according to the exhibitor’s instructions.
  • Artists are free to sell the exhibited works. Should they decide to do so, a description of the works and a price list may accompany the exhibit. All transactions are directly between the artist and the buyer; the library plays no role in the sale and receives no commission or other compensation related to the sale.

Reginald J. P. Dawson Library