The Exhibition Hall and the Art Wall are in keeping with the library’s cultural mission. Monthly exhibits give local artists a chance to become better known by the general public.

Mount Royal artists can apply online to display their work on the art wall, in the exhibition hall, and in the glass cabinet of the library. Certain selection criteria and conditions apply.  It should be noted that the average waiting period for an exhibit space is approximately three years.

Under the spotlight

In the Exhibition Hall, from October 11 to November 6: Hélène Berthiaume, Ginette Bérubé, Puck Kasma, Andrée Lapierre, Micheline Le Guillou, Monique Poissant and Pierrette Beaucage Vallée

For the collective workshop L’Aventure atelier, the adventure began almost 20 years ago. The artists' intention was and still is to paint free of limits, criticism or care for what is or isn’t supposed to be done.

Over time and with various changes of venue, a small group has made the workshop a place of exploration, where the pleasure of painting is experienced by allowing images to reveal themselves in rhythm with their joys and sorrows.

On the Art Wall, from October 10 to November 6: Michèle Turnier