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Mount Royal, November 29, 2016 – Mayor Philippe Roy and the Town Councillors held an open-mic town hall meeting last night. This event concluded a more than month-long series of consultations. More than 150 people made their way to Town Hall yesterday to discuss the proposed sports complex, in response to an invitation sent out to residents.

Based on the feedback received from residents, a complex with an indoor pool and various specialized and multipurpose rooms would be welcome. In fact, the public seemed rather enthusiastic at the prospect. In particular, families living in Mount Royal see many advantages, which include a convenient location and access to modern and more spacious facilities. This sentiment is shared by many seniors. However, the Town will have to pay special attention to the impact this project could have on property taxes, so as to protect the budgets of residents.

Consistent results

The opinions shared at yesterday’s public assembly were, on all points, in line with the results of a CROP survey of 500 local households held between November 7 and 11. Based on a probability sample of residents contacted at random, the survey concluded that 88% of respondents were in favour of the project concept, with this number decreasing to 76% when the project costs, estimated at $33 million, were mentioned. Furthermore, public support for the project only dipped below the 50% mark in the case that the Town could not obtain external financing or make more funds available to complement the $5.5 million already set aside for the project.

Two previous smaller meetings

The Town already held meetings with various local sports, cultural and community associations in late October to present the project, assess their interest and hear their recommendations for the facility. On November 1, the Town held a smaller by-invitation-only consultation with a select group of residents from across the political spectrum, including some for and some against the project. This meeting helped the Town prepare for the large-scale presentation given last night for all interested Mount Royal residents.

The views expressed at the Nov. 1 meeting were perfectly aligned with those stated at yesterday’s plenary session and the findings of both meetings were the same.

Council’s position in light of the findings

The Town understands that residents are concerned about the potential impact that this large-scale project could have on property taxes. The administration is still waiting for a response to the funding application submitted to the Programme Nouveau Fonds Chantiers Canada-Québec (Fonds des petites collectivités category). However, if the application is not accepted, Town Council is committed to exploring other financing options.

“We have heard what Mount Royal residents have to say about this project,” said Mayor Philippe Roy. “With 88% showing initial support for the sports complex and having received favourable responses across the board during our consultations, I am delighted with the enthusiasm we’re seeing from residents. That said, the Town Councillors and I would like to reassure residents that we’re sensitive to the concerns they have also expressed. We will do everything in our power to move forward with the construction of the complex, but people can rest assured that we will take costs and the impact on property taxes into account.”

A brief summary of the consultation process and its findings will be provided at the next council meeting on December 12. In the meantime, the results of the CROP survey are available online.

Alain Côté

Division Head - Public Affairs

90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5