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The various Réseau express métropolitain (REM) construction sites resumed operations on May 11, 2020.

In Mount Royal, the construction involves the complete and immediate closure of the section of the Deux-Montagnes line located between the Du Ruisseau and Gare Centrale stations. In addition to the interrupted rail service in our town centre, the Cornwall Bridge is also being rebuilt. Construction will start in May 2020 and finish in May 2021.

Demolition work on the existing bridge will begin soon. The bridge will close during the night of May 19 to 20, which is expected to have a temporary but significant impact on traffic. The Laird-Graham Bridge will be the only way for vehicles to go over the railway in both directions. Several mitigation measures will be implemented to guide pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and public transit users during this period.

The REM construction is not a Town project. The following plans will provide you with all the information you need about REM detours, relocated bus stops, and temporary parking spaces set up during construction to offset the parking spots and bus stops that will be out of service until the bridge reopens.

A list of resources is also included to answer any questions you may have about the construction itself or the public transit options available to you.

Read the REM news item.

Mitigation measures during the Cornwall Bridge reconstruction (May 2020–May 2021)

Plan 1 – Direction of traffic

The direction of traffic will change in specific areas during construction. Two major changes include intensive use of the Laird-Graham Bridge, which will temporarily accommodate traffic in both directions to offset the Cornwall Bridge closure; and redirecting westbound traffic off the Laird-Graham Bridge via the route normally reserved for the bus terminal.

New: Dunkirk Road will be completely hindered between Graham Boulevard and Hudson Avenue, while maintaining access to the La Pizzaiolle parking lot. The REM will carry out certain work from the street and heavy equipment will be permanently located there for the duration of the work.

Plan 2 – Temporary parking

To offset the temporary loss of some of the parking spaces on Canora Road and behind the Laird/Canora building (TD Bank) during construction, new angled spaces will be added along Laird Boulevard at the side of the building, to accommodate more vehicles than usual.


Plan 3 – Bike lane

A dedicated bike lane will be added to the Laird-Graham Bridge. It will be installed to ensure cyclist safety and separated from motor traffic.

Plan 4 – Lazard-Jasper emergency vehicle crossing and Morrison-Melbourne elevated footbridge

Emergency vehicles can use the Lazard/Jasper crossing if needed while the Cornwall Bridge is closed. Use of the crossing by non-emergency vehicles is not permitted.

The elevated footbridge at Morrison/Melbourne is a temporary structure that will run the length of the crossing to steer pedestrians away from the Laird/Graham Bridge so they can safely cross the railway. However, despite repeated requests by the Town of Mount Royal to have the footbridge built and usable before demolition of the Cornwall Bridge begins, it will only be installed in the coming weeks.

Plan 5 – Relocated bus stop

For the duration of construction on the west side, the usual bus terminal will be moved a stone’s throw from its usual spot to the bend at the end of Connaught Park. Two stopping and control (i.e., break) zones will be temporarily set up along Laird Boulevard to move the usual stop at the corner of Laird and Dunkirk away from the construction. One of these zones will be at the corner of Moyle Road, while the other will be in front of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish (weekdays only). On the east side, a temporary stop will be set up on the westbound side of Graham Boulevard at Merit Crescent.

Available resources

REM (construction work)

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Mobility Montréal (trip planning info on the road network, closures, public transit and more) 


STM (bus and metro lines)

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VMR : Industrial and Commercial development (access to businesses, buy-local initiatives)

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VMR : Public Security (parking, detours)

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