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Don't miss anything with our three cameras. Construction work on the indoor parking lot of the future sports and community centre is progressing well. It began on September 14.

Live webcast: follow the work progression

You can follow the progression of the project online at any time. Note: make sure to use an up-to-date browser, obsolete versions may not work properly.

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Camera 3:

The same webcasting system will eventually be used to follow the construction work on the sports and community centre.

Underground parking: additional information

The new parking lot will offer 117 underground spaces and 65 above-ground spaces. Just like with Town Hall's regular parking lot, users will be able to enter the underground parking lot from Roosevelt Avenue and exit either on Roosevelt or Churchill.

Traditional parking spaces next to Town Hall are off limits during the construction; alternative parking spots are available. Construction will be completed this winter.

The Town is grateful to the Rossy Foundation for leading and funding the entire underground parking project.

Images of the new underground parking lot are available in our album.

Learn more

At all times, residents are invited to forward any question they might have to complexe.sportif@ville.mont-royal.qc.ca.