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Spring has been felt well in recent weeks in Town of Mount Royal! Many trees have already started to produce flowers or small leaves, adding a pleasant touch of green throughout the Town.

The opening of buds, in order to let the leaves out in spring, is called budburst.

Not all tree species emerge early in the season. Indeed, trees such as maples are known to break in early in the season. Many other trees, on the other hand, are a little lax and have a later budburst. This is the case with the following species: Gingko biloba, ash, locust, oak, catalpa and the king of latecomers: the Chicot of Canada!

So even in mid-May, it is quite normal that the trees in front of your house have not yet taken out their leaves - so that doesn't mean they are dead!

However, if as of June 1st, no leaves have grown in the Town's tree, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can proceed with a proper inspection.

Catherine Morel

Horticultural and arboricultural technician 

180 Clyde Road

Mount Royal H3P 3J9