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The information below is provided to the Town by the REM or its partners.

As part of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) construction work, single-track operations will be extended into the Mont-Royal tunnel in the next few months to allow for the construction of the Édouard-Montpetit station. This development will necessitate schedule changes for several trains of the exo5 Mascouche and exo6 Deux-Montagnes lines. These changes will enable us to maintain regular service and provide some flexibility in case of unexpected situations.

exo5 Mascouche

Departure times will be slightly modified for :

  • 1 departure to Central Station
  • 5 departures to Mascouche

To see the new schedule: exo.quebec/mascouche.

exo6 Deux-Montagnes

Significant changes will be made to departure times. Also:

From Monday to Friday:

  • Cancellation of one afternoon departure to Central Station


  • Cancellation of one evening departure to Central Station
  • Cancellation of one evening departure to Deux-Montagnes

To see the new schedule: exo.quebec/deux-montagnes.


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