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In an effort to support the local economy during the Covid-19 crisis period, the Town of Mount Royal conducted a census of restaurants that were open on its territory as of October 1, 2020. These restaurants may offer take-out or delivery service. The usual opening hours and menu may change. For more information, please contact the restaurants directly. 

See the list of open restaurants including their addresses.

Bacaro Pizzeria Première Moisson
Abe & Mary’s Dupond et Dupont
Gyro Boutique Hinata Sushi
Ben et Florentine Léonidas
Subway Villa Armando
Mikado Go Starbucks
Pizza Hut District Bagel Lucerne
Galo Pizzaiolle
Tim Hortons Sushi Shop
Pizzeria 900 Chocolats favoris
McDonald's Sushi Plus
Sirène de la Mer Copper Branch