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Below is a summary of the information regarding the Town that was published in recent weeks, in relation to the collective efforts against the spread of COVID-19. The content is updated periodically.

Find out more about the coronavirus

For the current number of cases in TMR: Santé Montréal

For up-to-date data, turn to Santé Montréal. A pull-down menu, right under "Current situation in Montréal", provides the number of confirmed cases in Montréal by borough, linked city and CIUSSS, including the Town of Mount Royal.

Consultation on COVID-19 symptoms and screening clinics: Info-Santé

To discuss COVID-19 symptoms and resources, ask an expert at Info-Santé: 514 644-4545. Please note that the closest dedicated clinic — by appointment only — is in the Pavilion H parking lot of the Jewish General Hospital, at 5790 Côte-des-Neiges Road. You must have an appointment (1-877-644-4545) before showing up.

Also consult the Self-Care Guide published by the provincial government, for a review of symptoms and detailed hygiene tips, both at work and at home.

Government measures and general situation

For information on the general situation, including government measures to fight the pandemic: Santé Montréal | www.quebec.ca/coronavirus | Public Health Agency of Canada.

Wih the help of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, learn how to use a face mask, on YouTube.

Comprehensive resource list

Read our more detailed listing.

Town buildings and other facilities gradually reopening, all our activities cancelled

For an indefinite period of time, Mount Royal's municipal buildings remain closed to the public.

All our public activities are suspended until further notice. See the list.

Most of our employees are teleworking and our administrative services are reduced to a strict minimum. As for essential services, all of them are maintained.

May 20: tennis and some other outdoor activities allowed

Since May 20, it is possible to play tennis in TMR. The use of the skate park and the outdoor fitness track at Danyluk Park is also permitted, without gatherings. Team sports - soccer, basketball, etc. – remain prohibited.

Tennis: register now, online only. Information: rec-mt-royal@ville.mont-royal.qc.ca.

May 22: dog runs open again

Our dog runs reopened on May 22.

June 8: basketball and soccer fields open again

No match allowed and all hygiene directives must still be followed. At this point in time, with the notable exception of the municipal pool among other things, most outdoor installations have reopened: tennis courts, soccer and basketball fields, the fitness track, the skate park, water games, playgrounds and dog runs.

June 10: aquatics programs cancelled

Following the recommendations for a progressive reopening of outdoor pools and the announcement by the Northshore Aquatic Association (NAA) that the 2020 season is cancelled, the Town of Mount Royal’s aquatic teams (swim and diving) are cancelled this summer 2020. The Leaders program is also cancelled.

June 20: municipal pool opening

The municipal pool will welcome bathers again as of June 20, but many hygiene directives and restrictions will be in force. Be sure to check these, as well as the pool schedule and rates for the season, on our Municipal Pool page. Among other things, the reservation of a time slot will be mandatory.

Progressive relaunch of service counters: Inspection and Public Security

As of Monday, May 11, the service counter of our Urban Planning and Inspection division (10 Roosevelt Avenue) is once again open the public, by appointment only. Make an appointment by email at urbanisme@ville.mont-royal.qc.ca or by phone at 514 734-3042.

The Public Security service counter (10 Roosevelt Avenue) also reopened on May 11. No appointment needed. Information: 514 734-4666.

Cancellation of all Recreation activities for the Spring 2020 session

All recreational activities for the Spring 2020 session, including at the Pierre-Laporte Pool, are cancelled as of April 8. Refunds to registered users will be issued in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Department by e-mail at rec-mt-royal@ville.mont-royal.qc.ca.

Miscellaneous collections: on the usual days and at the usual times

Our regular collections don't change. Our yard waste collection began on April 15 just as planned, and our branches collection followed on April 30. An important notice in the case of the collection of recyclable materials: throughout the duration of the preventive measures, only the bins will be collected.

Disinfectant wipes, tissues, gloves, masks and other protective or cleaning products go in the trash only, in a sealed bag.

Gardeners and other landscaping services (including for swimming pools): deadline for permits on May 22

Given the directives of the Quebec government, since April 15 it is once again possible to contract the services of a gardener for all types of work. The same goes for all other landscaping and maintenance services, including pool experts.

Now that the Public Security service counter has reopened on May 11, it becomes mandatory again for contractors to obtain from the Town a permit for gardening and the treatment and maintenance of lawns, trees and shrubs. The deadline is Friday, May 22, 2020. During their visit at 10 Roosevelt Avenue, contractors will be asked to present various documents.

A downloadable form can be filled out in advance.

Public transportation: modified schedules, construction work to resume

We recommend that residents get information at the source: exo (commuter trains, buses, etc.), STM (metro, buses, etc.) and REM (various construction sites).

Please note that the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) construction sites will resume activities as of May 11 and require the complete and immediate closure of the section of the Deux Montagnes line servicing TMR.

Deferred payment of property taxes, interest charges temporarily suspended, including on transfer duties

The second instalment of Mount Royal property taxes, originally due on May 26 and first postponed to June 25, is now postponed again to August 25, 2020. Cheques post-dated to May 26 or June 25 will not be cashed until this new deadline.

Until the same date, the interest rate calculated daily by the Town on all debts due for the current year and unpaid to date will be 0%.

The due date for the payment of transfer duties that were charged is not deferred, since it is decreed by the Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables. However, from March 23 to June 25, 2020, the Town is charging no interest or penalties on unpaid transfer duties.

Issuing of permits and Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

As of Monday, May 11, the service counter of our Urban Planning and Inspection division will once again welcome the public, by appointment only.

Make an appointment by email at urbanisme@ville.mont-royal.qc.ca or by phone at 514 734-3042.

The meetings of the Planning Advisory Committee are suspended until further notice. The exact date for the resumption of meetings is unknown, but the committee intends to return to work during the month of May 2020.

Town Council meetings: webcast

Due to the extraordinary precautionary measures currently being taken against the spread of the coronavirus, until we reopen, Town Council meetings will be held in camera and webcast.

This includes the meetings held on March 23 and April 20, which can now be replayed: www.webtv.coop/group/Ville-Mont-Royal/991d721499ad8609602e378424ad1183.

Reginald-J.-P.-Dawson Library: late fees abolished, traditional book loans available again

The library abolished its late fees in May.

Since June, it is possible again to borrow traditional books and other documents on physical media, by appointment only (library@town.mount-royal.qc.ca | 514 734-2967). Returning the documents requires you to use the chute on the Sherwood Crescent side. The most up-to-date information on the library's opening hours and its procedures during the pandemic can be consulted via its online catalogue: catalog.ville.mont-royal.qc.ca.

Contact us if needed

Until the reopening of the municipal buildings, communications by e-mail or telephone (514 734-2900) will be the only possible means of communication. Residents are invited to use the Mount Royal website (www.town.mount-royal.qc.ca) if they are looking for general information.

The document chute at the front of Town Hall (90 Roosevelt Avenue) can be used to deposit cheques, forms and other small documents.

Keep this in mind

Isolation and social distancing: the crux of the matter

As evidenced by successive decrees of the Government of Quebec, the essential thing to remember at the moment is to stay at home as much as possible (teleworking, limiting outings), to avoid indoor and outdoor gatherings and to maintain a distance of one to two metres between people when heading out cannot be avoided.

Basic hygiene

  • Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap, taking your time.
  • Protect those around you when you cough or sneeze.

Consult the Self-Care Guide published by the Government of Quebec for detailed hygiene tips at work and at home.

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