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It's a classic scenario: always on the lookout, fraudsters multiply their attempts at scams in times of uncertainty. Unsolicited offers of government compensation, free masks or screening tests, unexpected payments demanded under pressure, unauthorized fundraising campaigns presented under misleading appearances, there has been no shortage of opportunities in recent weeks. The Red Cross, the Canada Revenue Agency, Hydro-Québec: they have all been used as a pretext.

A few cases of fraud have been reported in Mount Royal already, since the beginning of the collective effort to fight the pandemic.


  • Fraud attempts are not only aimed at your money; they can also be used to obtain your personal information.
  • Outside of a transaction that you initiated yourself, no credible organization, financial institution or business asks people to validate their banking information or credit card number unexpectedly, be it by e-mail, phone or otherwise. And certainly not under pressure!
  • You are under no obligation to make a donation. No motivation, no time, no money to spare? Simply refuse. Not convinced of the legitimacy? Just don't answer.
  • In the context of an e-mail, SMS or other electronic communication, beware of unknown senders, unwanted attachments and suspicious links that you are instructed to click.


During this pandemic period, the service counters at the SPVM's neighbourhood stations are closed to the public, but you can still reach the PDQ #26 at 514 280-0126. For an emergency, call 911 instead.

Online, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre provides a lot of information on fraud in general and various scams currently known to exist.