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In the picture: Erin Kennedy, Town Councillor, Edison Ramirez, Director of Public Security, Philippe Roy, Mayor of Mount Royal and Ava Couch, Town Manager.


The Town of Mount Royal announces that the first two public charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles on its territory will be operational by this Friday. These 240-volt charging stations will be located in the parking lot between the arena and the municipal outdoor pool located on Dunkirk Road.

The addition of public charging stations is in line with the objectives and orientations contained in the Town's 2016-2020 Local Sustainable Development Plan, in which the municipality is committed to improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gases, in particular by encouraging the electrification of transport.

The commissioning of these two charging stations will meet the needs of owners of electric and hybrid vehicles in TMR, as well as users of recreational facilities in the area and visitors of the Garden City.

“The deployment of electric charging stations on our territory represents another concrete gesture in favour of sustainable development for our community," said Mayor Philippe Roy.

About the Circuit Électrique 

A Hydro-Québec initiative, the Circuit Électrique, of which these facilities are part, currently represents nearly 1,500 charging stations in more than 240 cities and 17 regions in Québec and Ontario.

Information: https://lecircuitelectrique.com/welcome