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If the building it occupies remains temporarily inaccessible, the Reginald-J.-P.-Dawson Library reminds residents that many services are still available through the web.

e-Books and other digital resources

Even with Townies by and large confined to their homes, people can still access a wealth of library services, thanks to online resources. In collaboration with PRETNUMERIQUE.CA, which offers more than 850,000 titles of all kinds (including fiction, non-fiction, audio books, graphic novels and more), our library benefits from a dedicated page online to provide its members access: reginald-jp-dawson.pretnumerique.ca.

New: online storytimes thanks to a collaborative microsite

Coming together to meet the challenges of the current crisis and entertain families, Quebec public libraries are offering virtual storytimes in compliance with the Copyright Act: they have just launched heureduconte.ca, created specifically for the occasion. Something new to explore!

Heureduconte.ca offers an inventory of storytimes available for replay, with a few of them in English, as well as a calendar of live storytimes, podcasts and audio books for children. The public libraries display solidarity with the entire book chain: the use of various works via these performances has received the authorization of all rights-holders.

New: support network for library user questions

A large support network composed of staff members from several Quebec libraries has been mobilized to help Quebecers access their library's online resources and answer their questions. This special team can help you if you are trying to borrow digital documents for the first time, as an example. Please note, however, that you must first be a member of a library to access online library services.

To contact this team, visit the brand new website www.infobiblio.ca.



Denis Chouinard

Division Head - Library

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