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Mount Royal, October 24, 2019 – In light of the government and media attention over the last few days in Québec regarding the potential presence of lead in drinking water, its testing and maximum acceptable concentration standards, the Town of Mount Royal wants to clarify that its water supply system is safe.

Weekly tests of the local system already allow for the ongoing monitoring of various drinking water parameters, including its chlorine content. Furthermore, an additional in-depth lead and copper analysis is conducted each year, confirming Mount Royal’s water quality and its lead levels beyond any doubt, with no problems ever detected.

After lowering the acceptable concentration of lead in drinking water from 50 micrograms per litre to 10 in 2001, the provincial government now intends to further reduce the limit, this time to 5 micrograms per litre, again in line with Health Canada’s latest recommendations.

Mount Royal’s water continues to measure up, even against this stricter standard. As of October 15, 2019, the annual lead-copper sampling campaign reported a lead concentration in the range of 0.3 micrograms per litre in Mount Royal, which is not considered significant.

While the Town’s public water supply system contains no lead pipes, this may not have been the case for private residential pipes connected to the system, especially those installed prior to1970. In 2006, Mount Royal undertook an extensive verification of lead service lines in private residences. At the time, the Town didn’t identify a single property affected.

Elsewhere on the Island of Montréal, lead plumbing can be found in 1940s and 50s “post-war” houses, among others, but this type of construction does not exist in Mount Royal

Residents who would like to have their tap water service lines checked should contact a plumber. And those wanting to analyze the quality of their water should do so through a private laboratory.

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