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Property Tax

Property Tax and the Aliquot Share Paid to the Agglomeration of Montreal

Since January 1, 2009, thanks to Bill 22 (An act to amend various legislative provisions concerning the urban agglomeration of Montréal), property owners now receive a single tax bill which includes that of the Town of Mount Royal and that of the Agglomeration of Montreal.

The general property tax is used to finance the expenses of the Town of Mount Royal, including the share claimed by the agglomeration (in 2024, 68.2% of your tax bill).

Please note that the property tax bill has been detailed since 2023. The tax portion for local services and the tax portion for the cost of services of the Agglomeration of Montréal will be presented separately.

See the comparison table for the year 2023 and the year 2024 below.

2024 Taxation Rate (Tax Rate Per $100 Of Assessment)
DescriptionResidential properties (Residual)Residential - Six dwellings or moreNon Residential PropertiesIndustrial PropertiesVacant Services Lots
Town of Mount Royal
Agglomération de Montréal

2023 Taxation Rate (Tax Rate Per $100 Of Assessment)
DescriptionResidential properties (Residual)
Residential - Six dwellings or more
Non Residential Properties
Industrial Properties
Vacant Services Lots
Town of Mount Royal
Agglomération de Montréal


Your Property Tax Account

Property Taxes
Average Single Family Home

20232024Variation ($)Variation (%)
Average Single Family Home Value$1,941,400$1,941,400$00.00%
Détail d'impôt foncier

20232024Variation ($)
Variation (%)
Property Taxes
Town of Mount Royal
Property Taxes
Agglomération de Montréal

The Town of Mount Royal Property Tax Bill

The Town of Mount Royal property tax bill is sent to you by post or electronically at the beginning of the year.

By receiving a tax bill electronically, residents of Mount Royal can consult their tax bill online. By choosing this option, you will no longer receive your tax bill by mail. As of the following year, only an e-mail will be sent to notify you of the availability of your tax account.

If you already have an Accès-Cité account:

Sign in. This is the same website used to register for recreational activities online and you should use the same identifiers and access codes.

Under the Tax Account tab, add your property using the information found on your paper tax bill:

  • Roll number
  • Account number
  •  Amount of first payment
  • Check the “I agree to receive my tax bill only online” box.

You will then receive your tax bill electronically. You will also be able to view your tax account online whenever you want.

If you don’t have an Accès-Cité account:

Create your user account. Then follow the above instructions.

In 2024, a first instalment is due on February 21, and a second on May 21.

Read Mayor Peter J. Malouf's explanatory letter accompanying the 2024 tax bill.

See how every dollar (2024) in your tax bill is being apportioned.

For more information, here is a point-by-point explanation of the tax account for your convenience.

Town property tax rate (2024):

 Property tax rate per $100 of assessment by category of property

  • Residual: 0.5204
  • Six units or more: 0.6937
  • Non-residential: 2.7061
  • Industrial: 3.0184
  • Serviced vacant lot: 1.0408

Piscines résidentielles - compensation pour empreinte environnementale

Like other municipalities in Quebec, the Town of Mount Royal has decided to charge a fixed amount to owners of residential swimming pools, starting in 2023 (section 71.1 – By-law No. 1419).

This $100 compensation for the ecological footprint is part of a context of fairness based on the consumer-pays principle, and will be used in particular to maintain the Town's infrastructures. 

For the following years, the compensation will be applied directly to the property tax bill. For 2023, exceptionally, it was billed separately in a tax account dated July 25, with a deadline of August 24 2023.

Taxpayers with questions can email us at

To Pay Your Taxes

To pay your tax bill you have 2 options:

 1. Option of paying in a single instalment

Needless to say, should you prefer it, you may also pay in a single instalment.

 2. Option of paying in 2 equal instalments

In accordance with the Act respecting Municipal Taxation (R.S.Q., Chapter F-2.1) and Town legislation, if the total amount of municipal taxes included in one bill is $300 or more, you may pay in two equal instalments.

In 2024, the first instalment will be due 30 days after the mailing of tax bills (February 21), and the second 90 days after the first instalment (May 21).

Methods of payment

 1. The electronic method (the safest option)

You can pay your tax bill and your water bill electronically by signing up for online banking services offered by most financial institutions.

To make your payment over the Internet, you must select the proper account payable, as the Town of Mount Royal has two separate accounts for payment of its property tax and of its water bills. Each account payable is clearly identified as such.

If you encounter any problems, please contact your financial institution’s Customer Service Department.

Property Taxes – Participating institutions:

  • Banque Nationale
  • Caisse Desjardins
  • BMO Banque de Montréal
  • Banque Scotia
  • RBC Banque Royale
  • Banque CIBC
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Banque HSBC Canada

Water Bills – Participating institutions:

  • Banque Nationale
  • Mouvement Desjardins
  • BMO Banque de Montréal
  • Banque Scotia
  • TD Canada Trust

2. The traditional method

By mail, please enclose the payment stub with your cheque. Please note that you cannot use a credit card to make your payment. Allow for sufficient delivery time because the payment will be credited to your account on the day of its receipt by the Town of Mount Royal, or on the date shown on the cheque if it is post-dated. Any payment received after the deadline will result in interest charges and a penalty.

All cheques must be written on a paper base provided by a Canadian or foreign financial institution, or obtained from a business specializing in cheque-printing. Furthermore, it must be drawn against an account at a branch operating in Canada.

Payment is charged to the account on the day it is received at our offices. It is therefore necessary to allow a minimum of two working days for this payment to reach us, regardless of the payment method used.

At the Town Hall service **counter (90 Roosevelt Avenue), you can pay in cash, by cheque made out to the Town of Mount Royal or by debit card.

Delayed payment

Any instalment paid after the deadlines will result in adding interest charges and a penalty.

No recovery proceedings can be taken against a debtor who pays the instalments in compliance with the prescribed deadlines. When an instalment is not paid on time, only the amount of the overdue instalment is payable. The interest and penalty applicable to the municipal taxes then apply only to the amount of the overdue instalment.