The Town Manager’s Office provides support to Town Council in managing the Town’s affairs. The office is responsible for implementing Council’s decisions and achieving its policy objectives.

As a result, while working to maintain smooth relations between Council and municipal managers, the Town Manager’s Office also:

  • plans, organizes, directs, manages and coordinates all services provided by the Town;
  • provides information for decisions on major strategic files, including budget planning;
  • drafts and submits various reports and recommendations to Council for implementing measures related to efficient and cost-effective management and promoting the Town’s advancement and the well-being of residents and local businesses;
  • represents the Town’s interests to higher authorities and levels of government.

Learn about our municipal services, which are provided by seven departments and several divisions, or contact the Town Manager’s Office at 514 734-2915 or

Urban Planning and Development: a division of the Town Manager’s Office

Unlike the other municipal divisions, which report to a department head, the Urban Planning and Development Division reports to the Town Manager. Issues related to construction, renovation and demolition are thus dealt with directly by the garden city’s highest authorities, fittingly enough in view of the importance attached to protecting the Town’s built heritage.

Learn about residential renovations.