Blaring music, outdoor celebrations, work, mechanical equipment – all these can be sources of noise pollution in a neighbourhood. To ensure that everyone has a pleasant living environment, noise levels must be controlled.

Be careful about noise, think of your neighbours!

Town by-laws prohibit making and encouraging the making of noise that can disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbourhood or interfere with the peaceful use of one’s property. To maintain the peace in your area, no excessive noise is allowed before 7:00 and after 20:00 from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, noise is limited before 10:00 and after 16:00.

Learn about the regulatory provisions applicable to mechanical equipment

Mount Royal has implemented specific regulations regarding noise emissions from mechanical equipment, including thermopumps and water heaters, in residential neighbourhoods. It should also be noted that a permit is required before such mechanical equipment can be installed.

Of course, the noise produced by mechanical equipment is likely to travel well beyond the limits of the property on which it is installed. Our regulations take into account this additional potential irritation. We cannot overstress the importance of adapting the placement of units to their immediate surroundings in order to keep noise emissions to a minimum. Some mechanical equipment, even high-quality equipment, emits noise levels that cannot be sufficiently dampened by a barrier or enclosure. In such cases, owners may be forced to move their equipment or to stop using it altogether.

Making a complaint

When it comes to noise complaints, Town of Mount Royal encourages the complaining party first to contact the neighbour or neighbours involved before turning to the Town. Acting in this neighbourly manner could result in better cooperation and a quicker resolution of the problem.

For more information about our noise-control regulations or to file a compliant, call the Urban Planning and Inspection Division at 514 734-3042.