The Mount Royal public sewer and water mains networks each total 90 km of conducts.

Normal maintenance and replacement of sewer network and water distribution system components are assumed by Public Works. Major restoration work is handed over to Engineering for detailed planning and follow-up: this is the kind of work for which residents receive an Info construction letter.

Sewer back-up

In the event of a back-up, our teams will determine whether its source is in the public or the private part of the system.

Using a camera to inspect the sewer lines, if the public system is indeed the source of the damage caused to the residence, the Town assumes responsibility for repairing any damage to the owner’s property. On the other hand, if the back-up is due to a problem with the private system, which begins at the property line, notice is given to the owner, who is wholly responsible for repairing the line and any damage caused to his or her home.

Please make sure that your private system’s cleanout remains accessible at all times so it can be reached quickly in an emergency.

You have a window of fifteen days following a sewer back-up to submit a claim to the Town. Do so before you even know the extent of the damage and the related costs.

Learn tips to protect your home against back-ups: consult the documents associated to this page to find our folder.

Water breaks

Public Works does emergency repairs of water breaks within four to eight hours. It's a priority.

The costs of repairs are assumed by Town of Mount Royal if the public system is found to be the source of the problem.

If the break is in a private line, the owner is given notice to have it repaired at his or her expense within a limited time.

Procedure to follow for a new sewer and/or aqueduct connection

Requests for a permit for the installation of a new sewer and/or water main connection must be made to Engineering; please communicate with the Division using the information below.