Snow removal in winter, repairs during summer.

Responsibility for the road network

Some traffic routes (Royalmount Avenue, Lucerne Road, Rockland Road, Jean Talon Street, Beaumont Avenue and Côte de Liesse Road) are part of the Montréal arterial system. The Agglomeration of Montréal is responsible for major work and repairs on them, while our Public Works teams can perform minor work such as maintenance (snow removal, for example) and emergency work (potholes, cave-ins, etc.) if needed.

On the other hand, Town of Mount Royal is wholly responsible for the segments that are part of its local road network but not the Montréal arterial system.

Snow removal

After heavy snowfalls, snow removal operations along the Town’s 97 km of streets and 179 km of sidewalks are usually completed within 72 to 96 hours in accordance with the Snow Removal Policy.

As a resident, regardless of whether you remove the snow yourself from the entrance to your home or garage, or you hire a snow clearing contractor to do the work, you have the responsibility of respecting By-law No. 1432 on Snow Removal. Among other things, it stipulates that dumping snow on streets and sidewalks is illegal. Dumping snow on fire hydrants is also prohibited. Snow removal contractors must obtain a permit and install a visible identification post next to any location where they carry out their operations.

Road and sidewalk maintenance

Resurfacing consists of scarifying (removing the asphalt surface) and then applying a new surface course. It extends the lifetime of a road by 10 years. Time required to resurface an average segment: one week.

Reconditioning, which involves completely removing the road surface and foundation (concrete, if applicable) and laying a new foundation and asphalt wearing course, extends the lifetime of a road by 25 years. Time required to recondition an average segment: three weeks.

Patching potholes can be done around the year. Cold asphalt can be used in winter, for temporary but urgent repairs, and more durable hot asphalt can sometimes be used as early as spring, weather permitting. In the summer, patching is done with tougher materials.