Schedule and prices

  • Fall: September 11 2023 to December 21 2023.
  • Winter: January 8 2024 to March 23 2024
  • Annual: September 11 2023 to June 1st 2024.
  • Consult the latest pool schedule.
  • Cash only.

Participants must show proof of membership or pay entrance fees upon arrival.

Aquatic activities

Check out our full lineup for spring and summer 2023.

New Program: Swim For Life

Swim for Life is a learn-to-swim program for all ages. From toddlers to adults, this program progresses according to the swimmers' abilities.

To access the booklet

It is divided into several groups:

  • Parent Child 1-3
  • Preschooler 1-5
  • Swimmer 1-6
  • Swimmer 7-9
  • Teenagers classes
  • Adult classes

As we are currently transitioning programs, please refer to the Preschool Transition Guide as well as the Junior Transition Guide in order to choose the right swim level for your child's ability.

Private lessons

Private lessons will be available in the fall/winter 2023 season and will follow the new Swim for Life program.  Fall/Winter

Consult our flyers to learn more about it.

List of employees

You can refer to the list of Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department employees.

  • Child (age 0 to 4): free
  • Child (age 5 to 14): $2.00 /resident
  • Adult (age 15 and over): $3.00/resident
  • Senior (age 60 and over): $1.50/resident
  • Family: $6.00/resident

Pierre-Laporte Pool

    955 Rockland Road Mount Royal,  H3P 1T6
  • 514 734-4118