Located in Pierre Laporte High School, the pool of the same name is open only to Townies for the moment for public swim and various aquatic programs.

Showing a vaccination passport is mandatory for people 13 years of age and over, with the exception of participants enrolled in lifeguard training.

Sanitary measures (COVID-19)

  • Maintain 2 meters of physical distancing
  • Follow the path around the pool premises
  • In the locker rooms, the showers are off limits
  • Take a soapy shower before arriving at the pool
  • Bring your own swimming equipment
  • Arrive with your bathing suit on
  • Washing your hands is mandatory before entering the pool premises

Schedule and prices

  • Fall: September 13 to December 22.
  • Winter: January 6 to March 25.
  • Annual: September 13 to May 27.
  • Consult the latest pool schedule.
  • Cash only.

Pool capacity

  • Laps: 16 users
  • Public swim: 30 users
  • No reservation needed. First come, first served.
  • The number of users could increase depending on the evolution of the situation and government instructions.

Read our swimming etiquette, for a successful cohabitation of public swims and laps.

Aquatic activities

Check out our full lineup for fall and winter 2021-2022.

Red Cross training

In order to effectively reduce the risk of disease transmission, water safety instructors should maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from swimmers and parents / caregivers.

The 2021 Red Cross Aquatic Programs Delivery Guide requires a parent to be present in the water from Starfish to Junior 4 inclusive. The parent must interact and actively participate in the lessons.

Private lessons

Private lessons are suspended for the fall 2021 session.

List of employees

You can refer to the list of Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department employees.

  • Child (age 0 to 4): free
  • Child (age 5 to 14): $2.00 /resident
  • Adult (age 15 and over): $3.00/resident
  • Senior (age 60 and over): $1.50/resident
  • Family: $6.00/resident

Pierre-Laporte Pool

    955 Rockland Road Mount Royal,  H3P 1T6
  • 514 734-4118