Confidential and free, the Town of Mount Royal Community Assistance service meets the needs of its citizens in order to promote and maintain the well-being of its population as well as to encourage its sense of belonging to its community.

Intended for residents of all ages (children, teenagers, adults, families, couples or the elderly) the Community Assistance service offers a place of generous listening and support services to face challenges, explore possible solutions and regain general well-being.

Various other local resources, independent from the town services, such as the Volunteer Centre, are complementary to our own services.

Social Counsellor

Attending to the citizens, the social counselor is there to assess your needs, support and direct you to the appropriate resources available, then properly direct you between medical resources, CLSCs and hospitals. Within a framework of confidentiality, she also offers psychosocial consultations to deal with various challenges such as bereavement, anxiety or the management of emotions, with the aim of maintaining the general well-being of our residents. Do not hesitate to contact us, the Social Counselor is attentive to your needs.

Support for caregivers

Community assistance services are at your side to facilitate your experience as a caregiver and allow you to savor happy moments with your loved one. The Town's social counselor is at your disposal and will be able to direct you to appropriate care, help resources, as well as equip you to deal with behavioral symptoms related to illness and aging.

Daily Hello Program

Telephone security and reassurance program. To promote independence and socialization, and develop a feeling of safety for anyone who lives alone or without family nearby. Operates Monday through Friday.

Homemaker Care

In order to maintain the autonomy and well-being of our senior citizens, this service offers additional assistance for safe home care. Recommendations are assessed by the Social Counselor.

Meals on Wheels

In partnership with the Meals on Wheels in its neighborhood, the TMR community assistance services offer a service of cooked and hot meals at an affordable price. This emergency service aims to help people living with precarious health or people with a physical disability that does not allow them to prepare meals. Each request is assessed by the social counsellor.