An exceptional quality of life awaits you in Town of Mount Royal. That is why people from every background choose to live in our garden city.

A close-knit community

Mount Royal’s community spirit is strong and a number of groups encourage residents to share their love of arts, sports, gardening and more. Others focus on creating socializing opportunities for parents or retired people, for example. See our local directory for how to contact them. Would you like to get involved with your fellow citizens as a volunteer? Our Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department is always pleased to receive offers from volunteers whenever they are available.

The Town also works to nurture the social and professional integration of disabled persons, as detailed in our most recent action plan.

We share your love of animals

Your cats and dogs deserve a medal! In fact, as stipulated in By-law No. 1340, obtaining an annual license from Town Hall is required for all owners of these pets. Read the by-law to learn about the mandatory sterilization of cats and dogs and the regulations that apply to pet store supply chains in the Town.

Mount Royal’s canines are welcome to use the Town’s grass-covered, fenced-in dog run between 6:00 and 22:00 daily. The run is located at the corner of Montgomery and Glencoe avenues.

A green town, both literally and figuratively

Acutely aware of global issues, our garden city does all it can to protect the environment. Learn about our many initiatives, including water conservation, sustainable development and the various residual materials collections in our Environment section.

Mount Royal is on the move

Mount Royal residents are resolutely active. They play many sports and enjoy going on family outings. The programming of the Town’s Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department lets them register for a wide variety of appealing activities.

Local news

In addition to the news published by the Town, a number of publications cover our territory. The TMR Post, L’Express Mont-Royal and Station Mont-Royal all provide coverage of the garden city’s news. To a lesser extent, The Suburban does too.