Follow our advice and reduce the risks of finding your vehicle adorned with a parking ticket.

At all times: four hours maximum in the same spot

Unless otherwise indicated, you may not park in the same place on a public road within the Town limits for more than four hours in a row. After four hours of parking on the same block, you must park your vehicle on another block, even if only the next block.

Road signs

You must always respect:

  • No stopping signs
  • Fire hydrants
  • Temporary road signs (work, prohibition, snow removal, etc.)

Private driveway

You may not park your vehicle less than 3 meters from a private driveway.

Contractors and entrepreneurs

You too must respect these parking road signs.

Town Hall Parking lot

The outdoor parking lot adjacent to the Town Hall is now open, it is important to respect the existing signage.
The public parking spaces have time restrictions as well as time slots where parking is prohibited to allow for cleaning or plowing of the lot. These restrictions are necessary to facilitate maintenance and snow removal. Complying with them will spare you the inconvenience of being ticketed or having your vehicle towed.
Please make sure to respect the spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility and for employees.


For spaces reserved for the public, it is forbidden to leave your vehicle in the parking lot adjacent to Town Hall for more than 24 consecutive hours.  

In order to avoid a parking ticket, we recommend that you move your vehicle out of the parking lot adjacent to Town Hall for at least 12 hours between parking periods.


The indoor parking lot, near Mount Royal Town Hall, is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 23:00 and Saturday from 7:00 to 17:00. Parking is free. Parking is permitted for a maximum of four consecutive hours, but leaving your vehicle in the parking lot after hours is prohibited. See the underground parking rules.

We thank you for your cooperation.