Follow our advice and reduce the risks of finding your vehicle adorned with a parking ticket.

At all times: four hours maximum in the same spot

Unless otherwise indicated, you may not park in the same place on a public road within the Town limits for more than four hours in a row. After four hours of parking on the same block, you must park your vehicle on another block, even if only the next block.

Road signs

You must always respect:

  • No stopping signs
  • Fire hydrants
  • Temporary road signs (work, prohibition, snow removal, etc.)

Private driveway

You may not park your vehicle less than 3 meters from a private driveway.

Contractors and entrepreneurs

You too must respect these parking road signs.

Overnight: possibility of a special permit

Overnight parking on streets regardless of the 4-hour limit is allowed only if you have a temporary overnight parking permit. This rule applies from midnight to 8:00 everywhere within the territory of Town of Mount Royal, unless otherwise indicated.

You can use temporary overnight parking permits for a maximum of nine nights a month per vehicle.

Need a temporary overnight parking permit? Don't wait: call 514 734-4666. Please be advised that permits cannot be requested by e-mail. You will need to make that phone call, day or night.

Town Hall parking lot: pay attention to the signage!

During the winter season, specifically from December 1 to March 31, you may not park on the median side of the Town Hall parking lot between 6:00 and 13:00 on Tuesdays or on the Recreation Centre side between the same hours on Wednesdays. From April 1 to November 30, you may not park on the median side of the Town Hall parking lot between 9:00 and 12:00 on Tuesdays or on the Recreation Centre side between the same hours on Wednesdays.

These restrictions are necessary to facilitate maintenance and snow removal. Complying with them will spare you the inconvenience of being ticketed or having your vehicle towed.

Town Centre parking stickers

When they are available, Town Centre merchants and their employees may obtain an affordable long-term parking stickers. By using parking spaces specially reserved for them, they free up spaces closer to their shops for use by shoppers.

A few stickers are set aside for residents who want to make regular use of the services of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) in order to take the suburban train to their workplace. Please note that in some areas, all spaces have been allocated and no permits are currently available, but you can always leave your name on a waiting list.

Need a sticker? E-mail us or call 514 734-2992.

More flexible parking restrictions on certain streets in Town Centre, west of the railway

An area within our Town Centre has seen restrictions on street parking become more flexible. The map outlines the area concerned, which corresponds to the immediate surroundings of Connaught Park but also includes Sherwood Crescent, Alexander and Moyle roads and Deal and Hudson avenues.

Within the area concerned:

  • on some streets, on Saturdays and Sundays only, the Town lifted the ban on parking longer than four hours in the same block on a public road during the day (8:00 to midnight);
  • night parking (midnight to 8:00) is now authorized throughout the week and no special permit will be required.

Despite the above, please note that all other applicable restrictions (parking stickers, special 30-minute limits, etc.) continue to apply without exception.

The signage in this specific area of the Town has been updated; the new parking measures are effective since July 4, 2016.

Reserved parking spaces for disabled persons

Learn about the location of all spaces accross our territory.