Synonymous with longevity, quiet strength and serenity, the 32,000-odd trees that make up our urban forest are not only a key part of our garden city’s unique cachet, they also contribute to our collective well-being.

The Town has dedicated itself to preserving this green heritage: learn more!

Our arboreal heritage is there to see

Aware of the unique role that trees play in our community and keen on addressing the worrying issue of climate disruption, Town Council adopted its second Tree Policy in 2017. In particular, the policy aims to provide a better framework for preserving our urban forest. Read it to learn more about the environmental importance of trees.

Want to cut down a tree? Check the by-law first.

A tree may be cut down in certain situations:

  • The tree is dead or has contracted an incurable disease.
  • The tree poses a risk to the health or safety of citizens.
  • The tree prevents construction, use or landscaping that complies with municipal regulations and has been approved by the Town. Trees may not be cut down in order to allow the installation of a sign or to make the sign more visible.

For more information, see chapter 9 of Zoning By-law No. 1441 regarding landscaping (French only). In all cases, a tree-cutting permit is required. Contact the Public Works by email at or phone (514 734-2999) to learn how to proceed.

What to do with your branches?

A pick-up of tree and shrub branches is available on request from April 6, to November 2. 

This collection is on request only. Residents wishing to obtain such a collection must complete the online formbefore noon on Wednesdays.

Only branches with a diameter less than 15 cm (6 in) will be collected. In addition, the quantity is limited to 5 branches 2.5 m (8 ft) long or a volume of 60 cm (2 ft) x 60 cm (2 ft) x 2.5 m (8 ft).

In order to get rid of branches and shrubs, please place your materials in an orderly way on the curb, the ends cut in front of the street after 19:00 on the evening before collection day or before 7:00 on collection day.

Branches less than 2.5 cm (1 in) can be placed directly in the green bin dedicated to collecting garden waste.

Note: All branches more than 15 cm (6 in) in diameter, as well as logs, stumps and roots of trees must be arranged at the expense of the owner or a private contractor.

Emerald ash borer: measures to limit its spread

The emerald ash borer has constituted a problem in urban forests for several years now. To limit the spread of this insect pest within its borders, the Town has implemented an action plan in addition to adopting By-law No. 1433 on April 27, 2015.

Do you own an ash tree? Have it treated with TreeAzin.

Effective for two years after application, TreeAzin is a preventative treatment that should be administered to all ash trees with trunks more than 10 cm in diameter. 

This year, the Town will once again reimburse 50% of the cost of treatment.

Since there is no official supplier this year, we strongly recommend that you search the SIAQ website to find a contractor who will do the TreeAzin treatment while respecting the code of ethics of the Quebec Arborist Association. Once the work is done, you only have to submit a copy of the invoice with a proof of payment for your reimbursement.

Procedure for obtaining the grant

Once the work has been completed, you must submit a copy of the invoice marked "paid" and proof of payment such as a copy of a cheque (front and back), an email confirming a bank transfer or a statement to Public Works ( for your reimbursement. Contact Public Works at 514 734-2999 or by e-mail at to make an appointment with our arboriculture inspectors for an evaluation of your ash trees. We will guide you through the process by offering advice adapted to your situation.

If your ash is infested by the borer at a rate of 30% or more, it must be cut down.

Before cutting down any ash tree 10 cm or greater in diameter, you must apply for and obtain a permit to cut down a tree on private property. The permit is issued free of charge.

In addition, you are eligible for a $5/cm diameter grant. Once the work has been completed, you must submit a copy of the invoice marked "paid" and proof of payment such as a copy of a cheque (front and back), an email confirming a bank transfer or a statement to the Public Works ( for reimbursement. The inspector will automatically add you to the list of tree donations for the tree replacement.