Trains, buses, car-sharing, bikes and walking: there are many options for swapping your car for a more ecological and economical means of transportation.

Public transit: accessible, practical and eco-responsible

Fewer cars on our streets also means safer neighbourhoods for our children and less atmospheric pollution. With convenient access to commuter trains, the metro and buses, Town of Mount Royal is fortunate to be served by a large public transit network that lets you travel throughout the metropolitan area without a car.

Do you work in downtown Montreal? Take the AMT commuter train and arrive at Central Station in less than 10 minutes. A few on-street parking spaces are even available for the nominal fee of $20 a month, allowing you to leave you car near Mont-Royal Station from 7:00 to 19:00. The metro is another interesting option, with De la Savane station, located on the orange Line, giving you direct access to the city centre.

Are you a student? Acadie metro station, on the blue line, connects you quickly to the Université de Montréal campus. An express bus service to Concordia University is also available from the terminus in Connaught Park.

Do you prefer a car to public transit? Other options exist.

Whether by carpooling or car sharing, you save on fuel and do the environment a favour. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Discover the urban carpooling with the AMT service
  • Opt for one of Communauto’s car-sharing vehicles, which you will find in the Town Hall parking lot and near Dunrae Gardens school.

Car not moving? Cut the motor!

We often let out vehicle idle without really thinking about it. Meanwhile, the engine is burning a lot of fuel, diminishing the air quality and putting the health of citizens at risk.

To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, By-law No. 1407 Concerning Idling Control, which has been in effect since April 27, 2006, restricts the time an engine can idle on Town territory.

When near schools and daycare centres, be sure not to idle!