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Neighbourhood station 26 reminds you that ill-intentioned individuals may attempt to break and enter by posing as door-to-door salespeople, offering services of various kinds (like knife sharpening, for example). When they ring and there is no answer, they will find a way to enter through a back door or by any other means and proceed to the robbery, without attracting the attention of neighbours who think it’s a only a seller.

Neighbourhood station 26 asks that you be extra vigilant and report any irregular or suspicious activity in your neighborhood by dialing 911 immediately, or by calling your neighbourhood station at 514 280-0126.

TMR and door-to-door solicitation

In Town of Mount Royal, it's By-law No. 1323 Concerning the Distribution of Circulars that pertains to door-to-door solicitation, which is generally forbidden. Exceptions are few: charitable organizations recognized as such, children residing in the Town who are members of a local school, election candidates, etc.

New Neighbourhood Watch program

The Town's Public Security just brought back the Neighbourghood Watch program, a crime prevention initiative based on communication between citizens and the authorities.

Learn more on our Public Security Services page.

Public Security (24/7)


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