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Calendar On Thursday, April 4, the Town of Mount Royal to Carry out a CodeRED Test Call

On Thursday, April 4, the Town of Mount Royal to Carry out a CodeRED Test Call

Event details
April 4, 2024 18:00 TMR

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, at around 18:00, the Town will carry out a test call using the CodeRED emergency telephone messaging system. During this test call, the number 1 866 419-5000 will appear on your caller ID. This trial will enable us to check the numbers listed in our database and to familiarize residents with the system’s operation.

How the test call will work

The CodeRED emergency call system will attempt to reach all the numbers in its database. If there no answer or voice mail at the number called, the system will call back two more times. The person who answers the call has to reply with a greeting for the system to recognize that it has reached an actual respondent. Otherwise, CodeRED will hang up and make two more tries. If the call goes to voice mail, CodeRED will leave a voice message.

A system used only in emergencies

The CodeRED high-speed communication network will be used only to inform the public in the event of a general alert. Its use is reserved for critical situations, such as major accidents or natural disasters. Messages that are important but not related to an emergency will be disseminated through the Town’s other regular communication channels.

Sign up Now!

The registration for CodeRED should not be taken for granted. Residents are encouraged to be proactive by signing up now.

Residents who suspect they are not listed in the database can register on the CodeRED page of the Town's website by filling out the enrolment form.

Once registered, residents can update their contact information directly on the CodeRed website at any time and add up to two additional telephone numbers.

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