The Recreation Centre has spaces for courses, workshops, meetings and other activities. In addition to the Youth Centre and two changing rooms with showers, there are 10 different rooms: 

  • Exercise rooms (2) 
  • Art studio
  • Pottery studio
  • Multi-purpose rooms (4)
  • Meeting room
  • Seniors’ Lounge

Except for the pottery studio and the Youth Centre, all the rooms can be rented. For details, see the Reservation Policy and call Kelly Price at 514 734-3027 or send a request at

Courses and workshops for every interest

A wide range of courses and workshops are offered at the Recreation Centre, from ballet and karate to language courses and art workshops. See our complete programming to discover the multitude of activities available to you. You can register on site at the Recreation Centre or online. Check the calendar for the registration dates.

Interested in doing some work? The Job Co-op Program can help you find a job.

The program enables adolescents (ages 12 to 17) to connect with other residents who require their services to have certain jobs done. To join the program, drop by the Recreation Centre or Youth Centre and fill out an application. Note that you may also be asked to take part in a short interview.

If you are looking to hire someone, simply fill out a request. The Town’s Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department will act as a liaison between the Job Co-op members and residents who need work done.

List of employees

You can refer to the list of Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department employees.

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